Production Privee Shan GT Racing History 29er Frame


The SHAN has proved its worth around the world, thanks to unanimously-praised geometry and its KTP Flex System delivering comfort and grip. By adding a set of 29er or 650B+ wheels, the SHAN GT is even more comfortable, with superb performance and added tolerance for dealing with the roughest terrain you can throw at it. SHAN GT is a bike that rides efficiently and is reassuring for a long day out on the saddle, regardless of your terrain of choice: enduro, trail, bike park… it does it all. This bike is a Grand Tourer and easily merits its SHAN GT designation. And did we mention it is lightning fast?
SHAN GT is a 29″ frame for 130mm to 150mm travel fork. Maximum tires width up to 2,4″.

The frame includes: seat clamp, headset and maxle

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