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Bike Rental in Queenstown, New Zealand

Bike Rental in Queenstown, New Zealand

Bro Bike is the trusted bike shop for rentals and repairs in Queenstown, NZ—and for good reason. We love bikes and we want to share the joys of cycling with you. We made our bike rental process easy so you can spend less time worrying about logistics and more time enjoying the ride. Choose the perfect bicycle for your next adventure by using the booking form below.


All you need to do to rent a bike is to fill out the form above. Once you’ve completed the booking form, you just have to pick up your bike at our shop at your chosen time. If you want to see the bikes before you rent, you can also visit our shop during business hours—every day from 9 am to 6 pm.

Bro Bike Ltd is located at 45 Camp Street, Queenstown, New Zealand. If you think you’ll have trouble finding our store, you can contact us for specific directions.

Absolutely. You can check out the calendar on the form above to choose the dates when you want to have your bike available. Make sure to come by the shop around the date and time you selected so that you can start riding immediately.

We currently offer the following bike types for rent: 

  • Hardtail and step-through e-bikes
  • Performance MTBs 
  • Premium e-MTBs
  • Full-suspension kids’ bikes
  • Hardtail kids’ bikes
  • Gravel bikes

If you need help deciding on a specific type of bike, give us a call at 027 290 9914 or email us at You can also drop by our store to get a better feel for our available rentals.

It’s best to come by the store at the time you set on the booking calendar. This should help ensure that your bike will be ready right when you need it.

You can rent bikes for as short as 4 hours or as long as 14 days. When you choose a rental date, you’ll get a notification indicating the end of your rental period.

If you need to keep your bike for longer than your selected rental period, please contact us before your bike is due to be returned.

Yes. Aside from bike rental, Queenstown area route recommendations are part of the Bro Bike experience. Many of our employees are avid cyclists themselves and would be happy to recommend nearby routes perfect for both your bike and your riding needs.

Yes. For group bike rentals, Queenstown residents and frequent visitors know that Bro Bike is the place to be. When selecting the type of bike you want to rent on the booking form, simply indicate the number of bikes of a particular size and model that you want to rent.

When you book a bike through our online form, you should get a notification indicating the return date and time. Visit our shop around then to return your bike. If you think there are going to be issues returning your bike, please contact us before the return date.

While there are no designated parking spots outside our store, the Queenstown Memorial Centre does have a car park close by. You can also find street parking on Man Street and a few other car parks just a few minutes walk from Bro Bike.

You should be able to select some upgrade options when you rent a bike through our online form. Insurance will be pre-selected for you, but you can opt out of it, if you wish. You should also be able to select between a few brake and pedal options free of charge.

Absolutely. Bro Bike has a fully equipped bike workshop run by highly experienced staff. Every workshop staff member has a minimum of 10 years experience with bike repairs so you can leave your bike with us, confident that we’ll do the job. You can even rent a bike to tide you over if you need one.

Yes. In fact, you need a credit or debit card to secure your bike rental booking on our online form. Feel free to contact us for any questions on payment.

Yes, we do. Aside from bike repairs and rentals, Bro Bike also offers bike componentsaccessories, and apparel. Whatever you need, our staff will be happy to recommend something for you.